Automation is Making Banking More Human Again

It may sound contradictive, but digital services are crucial to make banking more human again.

What we found is that automation is making banking more human, at least already on three fronts:

  • Automation makes happy employees: the organisation can make better use of its human capital

  • Automation makes happy customers: they get faster service, more personalised and fit for the digital age

  • The programming language is even human, based on semantics, giving business full control over their business rules.

More human customer experience

Gains come from impact to the organisation, not just to bottom line, but also top line. That top-line today is connected with customer experience. Automation can create incredible results in shortening turnaround time of customer service, and that will immediately create customer delight.

Human programming language

The rules today are based on semantics. “Semantic Technologies allow us to implement systems, to adapt business rules, to integrate services at the level of conceptual meaning, instead of the level of a structural code (which is what traditional technology relies on)… This layer is not a technical layer but a business layer.”

More human HR

What this essentially means is that dull, mundane tasks can be taken over by the computer and personnel saves time to invest in more valuable contributions to the organization. Multiple evaluations have shown that an organization that invests in automation ends up with happier, more engaged employees. The reason is simple: they no longer have to do the bits of their job they just had to do.

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