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Join us and gain access to valuable resources, insights, and knowledge that can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital automation. Connect with other experts in the field, discover innovative solutions, and accelerate your business growth. Join now and unlock the power of collaboration, innovation, and success!

Meet Our Club Members

Our Club is helping digital automation leaders accelerate personal and business growth. Here are a few of our members.

What Members Are Saying

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Go past the hype, connect with peers, and step up your digital automation game

The Process

Apply to the Club

Fill out a 2 minute questionnaire to see if you are instantly accepted. Else, we review applications on a rolling basis and let you know the next steps.

Club Onboarding

Once accepted, you can join our community platform. Form connections with other members from day 1.

Live Sessions

Go deeper into Intelligent Automation/Hyperautomation topics with live deep-dive sessions.

Explore and Leverage the Club

Join office hours, ask questions, find collaborators, and more. Leverage the Club to achieve your goals.

Apply to the Club

If you are a leader in the digital space and looking for a place to find like-minded go-getters, join the club. Annual membership is $250 and lifetime membership is $500, with exclusive discounts and purchase parity opportunities available. Apply now to understand your discounts and become a part of our innovative network!

Live Deep-Dive Sessions

Our cohort-based course offers deep-dive sessions on digital technologies and frameworks. When cohorts aren’t in session, we offer monthly deep dives into key aspects of digital automation. All sessions are recorded and available for future reference. Join us and stay at the forefront of the digital automation landscape!

  • 📈 Intelligent Automation Strategies, Use Cases & Frameworks

  • 💡AI, ChatGPT/GPT/LLM and Conversational AI

  • 🛠 Current And Emerging Technologies & Tools

  • 🎯 Centre of Excellence (CoE) and Best Practices

  • 🔎 Process Mining, Intelligent Document Processing

  • ⚙️ Automation Operations and Change management

Bot Nirvana Community

Build lasting relationships with other digital experts through our community platform.


An online community hub that includes Discussion threads, Recordings, Events, Voice rooms & Match-ups.

Office hours

We stay connected through regular office hours. Get advice, share experiences and support each other.

Strategy Library

Elevate your digital automation game with our constantly updated library. Access documents, databases, and templates to supercharge your automation program. With new additions every month, you’ll have the latest ideas, tools, and resources. Join now and unlock the power of our Strategy Library!

Guest Sessions

We invite industry experts to be part of the sessions. They share first-hand experiences, challenges, and more. Here are some of the experts who were part of our past sessions.

Amol Rajmane

Digital Automation

Ricardo Henriques

Process Intelligence

Shaun Dawson



Singularity (AYR)

Personal Branding

We would like to let the community know about you! You are invited to participate in the Bot Nirvana thought leadership activities to showcase your expertise. You would also receive a certificate of completion.

Apply Now

Apply to the Club

If you are a leader in the digital space running an Automation program or product, apply today.


Who is this for?

The Club is for Automation leaders (C-level, Directors, Managers, Consultants), Business owners, Sales professionals, Business area leaders (e.g. Finance, HR, SCM, etc.).

Who is this not for?

Right now, this is not intended for Technical folks (Developers, Tech leads). We will have other programs for you. If that is of interest, please drop us a line at [email protected]

How long is it? What is the time commitment?

The initial six cohort sessions are for 1.5 hours each. You can attend the sessions live or view the recordings. We also have monthly 1 hour sessions after the cohort sessions. We suggest around 2-3 hours per month to stay connected and leverage the club after the cohort sessions.

What are the costs?

The cost for the initial Cohort sessions and a whole year of access to the community platform and the deep-dive sessions is $250. You can opt for lifetime access to the community for $ 500. The charges ensure committed members and enable the upkeep of the club. Appreciate your support 🙏🏽

Can I reimburse this?

Yes, our club members have got the expense reimbursed. Once you enroll, you’ll be emailed an invoice that you can submit as
proof of payment. If you have specific formatting needed, we can send you an updated invoice.

If you enrolled as part of a cohort, you’ll get a certificate of completion at the end of the course proving your accomplishment. It will have your name, the course name, and the instructor’s name. Some companies require you to submit this certificate to be reimbursed.

If you need to submit an authorization request to get your manager’s approval for the cohort course, here is a template.

What are the formats of the sessions and subsequent meetups?

All our sessions are virtual video calls usually on Zoom. A lead club member comes prepared for the session and jump-starts and guides the discussions.

How do rolling admissions work?

You can apply to be part of the Club at any time. There is no cutoff date, and if accepted, you will be sent an invite to join the Club.

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