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Forrester prediction for 2021: Automation is a Business Imperative

Remote work, support of remote business, recessionary pressures, new digital muscles for employees and customers, and pandemic constraints will force millions of pragmatic automation to production levels in 2021 as per Forrester. Here is a sample of what a diverse group of Forrester analysts predicts for automation in the coming year:

  • Twenty percent of enterprises will expand intelligent document extraction investments. Intelligent document extraction platforms (IDEPs) can classify and extract data to manage compliance risk, e-discovery, contract analytics, email, and forms use cases. Opportunities are heating up for two reasons: Workers can no longer push papers around the office (given that they are working from home), and advances in computer vision and machine learning have made solutions more valuable and easier to build and maintain.

  • Intelligent automation suites will provide one-quarter of all robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. Like machine learning, RPA will become an embedded feature in many platforms by the end of 2021. RPA will be available from almost 200 software companies that are in the business of digital transformation.

  • In a rush to push out automation, a notable failure will occur. In 2021, up to 30% of organizations will ramp up their focus on quality by better planning and testing their automation before deploying it in production or exposing it to employees. In addition, employee strike teams and centers of excellence will rise in importance.

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