Automation Anywhere Unveils AARI – The First Digital Assistant at Work

Automation Anywhere AARI – A new RPA Digital Assistant for businesses to easily use and configure bots

Automation Anywhere, has announced AARI (Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface) – a digital assistant designed for a new era of work that brings consumer experiences to the enterprise.

AARI provides an easy-to-use, bot-to-human interface that oversees various business processes. AARI enables all users to further simplify everyday tasks, improve collaboration between teams, and provide best-in-class customer service – either on-premises or in the cloud. Now, every employee can participate in the automation economy from the device or application of their choice – from data lookups across multiple systems to complex escalation scenarios.

AA Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface” (AARI) is an add-on to A2019 that would make it easy for people in business to configure and use Bots. For e.g. the business users can easily add tasks, add bot to the task and then make configurations like data mapping.

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“AARI completes our vision to ‘automate automations’ by creating a digital assistant for the new era of work – enabling anyone to automate from anywhere at any time with a simple interface that can manage automations,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-founder, Automation Anywhere. “This technology democratizes RPA so that anyone in an organization can participate in the automation process, moving humanity closer to the full promise of a digital workforce where enabled by bots, we can achieve more than it was ever possible before.”

“An RPA digital assistant like AARI can receive and keep track of task obligations and coordinate the automation of as much of each task as possible, increasing the opportunity for everyone to work more efficiently,” said Maureen Fleming, Vice President of IDC’s Intelligent Process Automation Research and Advisory Service. “The assistant can also communicate with other digital assistants to orchestrate task completion between teams of humans and bots, connecting the front office with the back office to provide more resiliency and productivity.”

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