Automation 101: An Essential Tool For CIOs And IT Teams

Though many CIOs already had automation in their long-term road maps, PwC reports that almost half of surveyed IT executives plan to fast-track automation plans because of Covid-19.

The pandemic has revealed we can no longer rely on fragmented environments and static infrastructure. With the pressure on to accelerate innovation and growth, automation has the potential to integrate and automate cross-silo workflows to instantly adapt to dynamic conditions. Other benefits include:

• Inside of IT: Automating tasks and workflows (virtual server deployments, patch management, release management and change management) reduces costs and frees teams to focus on initiatives such as innovation or digital transformation. IT teams can increase the speed of task completion, decrease human error, and deliver better performance by automating resource-intensive workflows, security protocols and maintenance activities.

• Outside of IT: Self-service functions and predictive technologies provide customers with newer, faster pathways to purchase and access support. Employees unburdened from manual and siloed processes have more time to spend with customers, engage in strategic planning and focus on product or service innovations. However, these enhancements must strike the right balance of automation and the human touch.

“Automate or die” is the new mandate. CIOs and IT managers must undergo a paradigm shift to meet this mandate and fundamentally transform IT tools, processes and skill sets. My biggest piece of advice? Don’t forget the heart of automation — people.

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