Automating the enterprise in the new normal

Learn how the technology is helping organizations respond to shifts in demand, reduce dependence on human labor, improve resiliency in challenging times, and more in this VB Live event.

In the midst of a pandemic, business leaders are finding that their major challenges — productivity and resiliency — are growing. But long before COVID-19 thrust organizations into the fire, CEOs were beginning to turn their interest toward how robotic process automation (RPA) could help address their most pressing concerns. Some companies were seeing some astonishing results, from creating and enhancing jobs, to saving time and costs, accelerating and improving work quality, and making organizations more innovative.

RPA helps businesses thrive in a new world

The new normal requires RPA as a lifeline for maintaining normal business continuity. It ensures that companies can maintain their responsiveness even as they manage the upheaval that shifting business priorities and structure brings, such as reduced workforces, new customer demands, and growing macroeconomic pressures.

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