Forrester: Amazon Honeycode Doesn’t Disrupt Anything

After years of high expectations for Amazon’s low-code platform project, its Honeycode product has finally arrived. Unfortunately, in its present release, Honeycode is far from the market disruptor that we and others expected from Amazon.

Spreadsheet users will likely feel the platform’s limitations when compared to Excel.

Database builders will certainly wonder where the power of the database is hiding.

UI enthusiasts will at first be enticed by the palette of app components…only to find that using those components is far more complicated than they bargained for.

In short, Honeycode is lightweight, immature and sorely in need of polish.

The conclusion: for now, Amazon Honeycode will not change the market dynamics in low-code development platforms. In fact, the decision to release the product in its current state causes us to question Amazon’s understanding of this market and its direction.

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