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ABBYY Timeline 5 adds new task mining capabilities to its process mining capabilities

ABBYY, announced the launch of Timeline 5, a Process Intelligence platform that delivers 360-degree visibility into business operations by combining insights from people, processes and content. Leveraging its new task mining capabilities and patent-pending process mining technology, Timeline analyzes desktop user interaction data and seamlessly links it with process details mined from system event data, enabling organizations to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience and accelerate impactful digital transformation initiatives.

The task mining capabilities of Timeline 5.0 are designed to:

  • Identify time-consuming repetitive tasks and recommend possible candidates for automation, thereby freeing up knowledge workers to focus on higher value activities and enabling leaders to make data-driven decisions for automation initiatives;
  • Uncover variabilities in task execution to enable automation safeguards that mitigate the risk of compliance violations;
  • Combine task-level details with Timeline‚Äôs intuitive point-and-click process analysis tools to provide a unified end-to-end and top-to-bottom operational understanding and ensure that digital transformation initiatives deliver predictable results and do not cause unintended consequences;
  • Easily scale to large numbers of desktop users to discover the full set of variations in user actions while strictly protecting sensitive information through a multi-faceted set of data security services.

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