6 hidden risks of IT automation

6 hidden risks of IT automation you need to be aware of

Across every industry automation is fast becoming king. Whether it’s through IT automation, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) or some other means of eliminating or reducing manual processes, enterprises across the spectrum seek to speed up all manner of functions to remain competitive — and IT is right in the middle of this movement.

It can also come with risks, however, if organizations don’t take the needed precautions or if they fall into bad practices. Here are some issues and strategic misfires to look out for when deploying automation in the enterprise, so you can avoid unnecessary risk.

Here are 6 hidden risks:

  1. Automating processes before optimizing them
  2. Allowing ‘automation complacency’ to take hold
  3. Poor communication among stakeholders
  4. Process automation misfit
  5. Overlooking end user input
  6. No consideration of interaction design

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