3 specific ways to improve your Marketing with RPA

Robotic process automation can be used across entire businesses to create more efficient optimization but let’s take a moment to look at some specific marketing activities that RPA is already handling for companies.

#1: Automating technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most time-consuming aspects of search marketing, due to the ongoing audits and reporting required. This is perfect for RPA, which can automate reports, completing them faster and running them more often than human teams would be able to – which means issues can be flagged up and fixed before they cause ranking problems.

“An example in search might be link analysis or data collection; or it might be looking for technical fixes on your website – lots of things that we do on a daily basis that don’t necessarily need any creativity or freeform thinking.”

#2: Find opportunities first

As search becomes more competitive, finding new opportunities is an increasingly time-consuming task. Organic space on Google’s SERPs is only getting smaller but, as we’ve mentioned before, 15% of all queries on the platform are completely new, never having been searched before – so the opportunities are there.

Finding them is the challenge and you have to analyse vast amounts of data to find new opportunities as they emerge. Not only that, but you need to analyse this data quickly if you’re going to seize new opportunities before your rivals do.

#3: Competitor analysis

Robotic process automation can help you understand your business on a deeper level but it can also provide a better understanding of your competitors. For example, you might build a robot to monitor the pricing of all your rivals to ensure that you remain competitive. You may even set rules to adapt your own pricing in real-time – within certain tolerances – if your competitors regularly change their pricing plans or run promotions.

Something else you can do is use web scraping to automate competitor content analysis to understand the messages your rivals are promoting and the USPs they are putting forward. Aside from keeping you in the loop with how they promote their products/services, this will also help you differentiate your own offering more effectively.

RPA is automating the repetitive data analysis and you’re using these insights to make more effective creative decisions.

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